Welcome To MCA Accountants

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STEP 1: Familiarise Yourself With Us

Terms and Conditions

Our terms aren’t too different from most accounting firms. We require you to act promptly when we request information, and we rely on the information provided to us (we don’t do a full audit of your accounts, but we do use our professional judgment to find errors).

Our staff do great work, and they deserve to get paid for it. We therefore expect that you pay our fees within the agreed terms. We aren’t heartless however, and we are happy to extend payment terms for those in need.

All client tax refunds come to our trust account first. This is so we can check that your refund is accurate, and like other accounting firms our policy is to deduct any outstanding fees from your refund before we forward it to you. This goes for any related parties also.

Mission, Vision, Values

We make things simple, and in return we believe you will never want another accountant.

We’ve lost track of the number of times new clients have come to us and been amazed that for the first time their accountant has explained something to them in a way they could understand.

We are dedicated to helping you understand the tax and business environment you operate in – which in turn allows you to make smart decisions. But this is a two way street…

If you are coming to MCA chances are you like how this sounds, but it can’t work unless you allow us to keep you informed and updated. Part of this involves subscribing to our email list and our social media sites.

STEP 2: Let's Arrange A First Meeting

Get In Touch

If you think you’d like to work with us, the next step is to reach out to us to arrange a meeting. You can send an email to admin@mcaaccountants.com.au, or fill out the below form.

Initial Meeting

In the initial meeting we will ask some questions about you, your business, and what you are looking for in an accountant. We will cover off how we think can help you and approximate pricing for our services.

If we don’t feel that you are a good fit for our firm, we’ll let you know in this meeting or shortly afterwards. We don’t accept all new clients, we require that clients fit with our business model or else the relationship doesn’t work for either of us.

STEP 3: We Collect All Of Your Information & Authority To Act For You

Complete Our New Client Forms

To look after you  we need to know all of your details. That means names, addresses, emails, dates of birth, places of birth, tax file numbers, australian business numbers, companies, trusts, super funds, and much more.

Once we have both agreed to work with each other, we will send you a link to our new client form where you need to enter in all of your details, and the details of any business or entities that you are associated with.

Perform an ID Check

Anti Money Laundering rules require that we perform ID checks on new clients, so we ask that you are understanding and patient of this process.

Our new client form contains an ID check section (using Stripe) where you will be required to:

  • take a picture of your photo ID
  • take a selfie

Provide Copies Of Your Tax Returns

Your previous tax returns and financial statements are more than a treasure trove of information to us – they are vital for us to do our job. We will need the past 2 years, plus we will need to get any depreciation schedules, hire purchase agreements, and cost details of capital assets.

These documents can be uploaded to us via the new client form.

Tell Us Who Is Allowed To Act On Your Behalf

You may want other people to be able to work with us on your behalf, so we need to know who they are. By default, we assume that you are happy for your spouse to act on your behalf and access your information, and by law company directors, trustees of trusts, etc are allowed to act on behalf of those entities.

If you want other people to be able to send us information and discuss things with us, you are required to let us know who these people are, and we by law have to do an ID check on those people also (see below).

STEP 4: We Obtain Ethical Clearance

What Is Ethical Clearance?

A requirement of our professional bodies is that we contact your previous accountant and ask if there are any reasons why we shouldn’t take you on as a client. If you have a history of dishonesty (for example, you provide false information to your accountant) – we will decline the appointment.

Collection Of Other Information

Typically accountants will provide us with the bare minimum upon losing a client. The most common phrase we see is “our client has been provided copies of their tax returns” when we ask for copies.

Assuming your fees are paid up, your accountant will release any of your original documentation they hold (such as company constitutions, bank statements, receipts, etc), but generally not much more – which is why we ask for it all from you in the previous step.

STEP 5: Confirm Services And We Get To Work

Our Services

If you haven’t already, you need to confirm exactly what you would like us to assist you with.

Sign Agreements

Some of our services have agreements that require signing before we can commence, and some require a direct debit arrangement.

Provide Information

Naturally, if we are going to be performing work for you, we will need you to provide us with the relevant information to do this.

You can post it, email it, upload it via our website, or upload it via your client portal.