Tax returns, financial statements, activity statements and the like

The bread and butter of accountants is financial statements and tax returns. We do it with one goal in mind – ensuring you pay the least amount of tax legally possible.

We treat your affairs as if they are our own. We look for every deduction possible, and the result is you have more money in your pocket.

Compliance is boring though, so read on to see what else we can do to help that is a little more exciting


You may think of bookkeeping as entering in your cheques, deposits, and reconciling your bank account.

That’s old school.

Technology has redefined what good bookkeeping is. These days your bank statements automatically download, your expenses can be imported, data from your industry software can be pulled into your accounting software, and much more.

We’ve spent the time learning how to make all this work so you don’t have to.

Would you recommend to your clients that they do their own plumbing / IT consulting / or wherever your business expertise lies? Why would you try to do your own books?


Data entry, choosing your software stack, gaining efficiencies

Tax Minimisation

Why pay more tax than you are obliged to?

Is it actually in your best interests to use the immediate write off for asset purchases?

If this question hasn’t crossed your mind after hearing our politicians gloat that they are allowing you to write off that new car in full – then it’s time you scheduled a chat with us. Surprisingly, you can pay less tax by not using the immediate write off.

Just one example of what we can do for you.


While compliance is boring, planning to us is sexy. This is where we can flex our figurative muscles, look at schemes and possibilities that only good accountants consider.

This is where the biggest tax savings are made. Our tax planning brochure goes through a simple scenario of a couple buying an investment property, and across a decade there can be differences in tax outcomes of over $100k.

Yes, one hundred thousand dollars.

We can show you how to keep that money in your pocket.

Planning and Structuring

Like a solid home, if you lay the right foundations it will last a life time

Super and Retirement

Being prepared so you can live the lifestyle you want in retirement

Superannuation provides two main benefits: A tax effective environment for your retirement savings; and a place for those savings that cannot be touched to ensure they are there later on.

Part of your retirement planning should be to consider a Self Managed Superannuation Fund – but be aware that a SMSF isn’t for everyone. We can provide you with facts to help you make the right decision.


Do you understand the cash flow cycle of your business? How many days is your cash flow tied up between paying for stock and getting paid by your customer? What impact will changing that have?

Running a mature business and ready for the next stage? How do you turn that business into something that pays you profits without you having to run the show?

We sat through boring lectures learning all this so you don’t have to.

Business Support

You can lean on us no matter what stage of the business lifecycle you are in

Audit Insurance

Through our trusted partner Accountancy Insurance, we can offer you peace of mind that should the ATO target you, we are available to assist you at no cost.

SMSF Solution

Our SMSF solution provides you with regular reporting through the year, and year round focus on your compliance, and complete peace of mind that your SMSF is being looked after.

Company Secretarial

ASIC is ruthless with fines for non-compliance and late-compliance. Notifying ASIC late for a change of address can attract significant penalties. We can look after your ASIC compliance and help you avoid unnecessary fines.

Payroll Services

Need help complying with the myriad of rules and regulations surrounding payroll? We take the stress out of it and minimise the effort at your end to submitting timesheets.

SMSF Services

In addition to our comprehensive SMSF Solution (above), we can offer all sorts of SMSF services as either an extra or instead of.

SMSF Price List

View our price list for all of our SMSF services here.

Single Touch Payroll

We can get you setup on single touch payroll, review your existing setup, process your payroll, or just provide reviews. View our prices here.

General Tax & Accounting

Get an idea as to the pricing of some of our general tax and accounting services.

Conversion to Xero / QBO

If you are migrating from an old desktop accounting system to either Xero or QuickBooks Online, it is vital to do the conversion correctly to ensure the data that goes across is accurate and what you need.

Entity Setup & Amendments

Looking at setting up a new trust? Does your company need an updated constitution? Find out the pricing for these types of services here.