If you are using a version of QuickBooks prior to 2009, we unfortunately cannot open it and work with it.if you are using an old version of QuickBooks, we require that you upgrade the file to a version that we can access prior to sending it to us. We're not suggesting that you pay for the latest version, just that you make a copy/backup of your file, upgrade this copy, and send us the upgraded copy.

QuickBooks make available "trial" versions of their products which you can use to upgrade your "backup" file. These can be downloaded from the right of this page. To complicate things a little further, QuickBooks has a particular "upgrade pathway" that must be followed. You can't simply upgrade a QB2000 file straight to the latest. The pathway is as follows:

QuickBooks 7.5 (not compatible on newer Windows systems)
QuickBooks 2002 (not compatible on newer Windows systems)
QuickBooks 2008 (not compatible on newer Windows systems)
QuickBooks 2012 (not compatible on newer Windows systems but we can get it to work so if you send us a v2008 or later file, we can do the rest)

Examples of the upgrade pathway:
a) If you have an old QuickBooks v6 file (which was made in the 1990's), you need to upgrade it to v7.5, then v2002, then v2008, then v2012.
b) If you have a v8 file, you need to upgrade to v2002, then v2008, then v2012
c) If you have a 2006 year file, you need to upgrade to v2008, then v2012.
d) If you have a 2010 year file, you need to upgrade to v2012.

Why is this a problem?

The problem lies with the compatibility of older QuickBooks programs with the latest versions of Windows. QuickBooks 2014 and previous isn't supported on newer operating systems, but thanks to some nifty IT work we are able to work with versions as far back as 2009.

Why doesn't MCA keep an old PC around with old versions?

Keeping Windows up to date is important for security reasons. Microsoft stops supporting it's operating systems after around 7 years. Windows Vista is almost at it's "end of life", and the famous Windows XP is long gone. When Microsoft stops supporting the system, it means that you no longer get security patches.

Many virus', malware, and ransomware written today target Windows machines that are either old and do not get security patches (such as Windows XP and soon Vista), or those that are simply unpatched (which is to say they are new versions but the windows updates are never installed).

Why can't MCA just upgrade the backup I provide into the latest version?

It's a good question and not one we can get a straight answer to. It could be due to database changes that a single upgrade couldn't handle, or it could be QuickBooks' way of making it hard to force you into paying them for the latest versions. All we know is that the file won't upgrade unless it's done via the specific pathway specified earlier.


QuickBooks v7
Installation Key: 71411198588205

QuickBooks v8
Installation Key: 71348306079205

QuickBooks 2002
Installation Key: 62425003090017220559

QuickBooks 2008
Installation Key: 842106867187702400242