A Compatibility Problem

Older versions of QuickBooks are incompatible with newer versions of Windows, and in particular Windows Server versions. This means that we are simply unable to work with versions of QuickBooks prior to 2008.

We don’t maintain old computers in the office to run old software because they are a security risk. Our office holds very sensitive information, and aside from the financial penalties we face should someone gain access to that information, we treat your private information as if it was our own.



We can work with QuickBooks files in v2008 and newer, so the solution is for you to upgrade a backup copy (not your “live” file) to v2008 and send that to us.

QuickBooks has a particular upgrade pathway for old files. You can’t just upgrade straight to the new versions, it needs to be upgraded to particular versions. We don’t know why QuickBooks designed their products this way, but they have.

The 4 versions are available for download below. If your file is v6 or earlier, you need to upgrade via all 4. If your file is somewhere between v7 and v2008 you will only need to download those programs below that are newer than yours.


Move To The Cloud

Current versions of accounting software contain significant improvements that save you time – and we’ve all heard the saying that time is money. Ultimately if your time can be spent “on the tools” earning money instead of doing bookwork, updated software will pay for itself.

To start your move to a cloud based accounting software, just get in touch.