Victorian COVID Hardship Fund + Accountant’s Certificate

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Victorian COVID Hardship Fund + Accountant’s Certificate


The Victorian Small Business COVID Hardship Fund offers $10,000 to businesses that suffer a 70% decline in turnover due to COVID restrictions. An “accountant’s certificate”is preferred in order to verify this decline in turnover.

Read our brochure for more information and to obtain a request form for an accountant’s certificate.


We’ve summarised the eligibility requirements in our below brochure, along with a request form for an accountant’s certificate. Please read the information in the brochure in conjunction with the information provided by the Victorian Government (links are in the brochure) to make an assessment to your eligibility.

Once you beleive you meet all the criteria, fill out the request form at the end and send it to along with:

  • If you run your business’ accounts through accounting software – access to your accounting software;
  • If you do your invoicing through invoicing software – access to your invoicing software;
  • A list of all invoices generated by your business between the below periods (not necessary if we have access to your software);
  • Copies of bank statements for all business bank accounts for the periods:
  • 27 May 2021 to 10 September 2021 (or current date if applying prior to 10 September); and
  • If you were trading in 2019: 27 May 2019 to 10 September 2019; or
  • If you were not trading in 2019: 1 February 2021 to 28 July 2021).

We have also created a calculator to help you work out if you meet the 70% decline which you can download here. You can save us time (and yourself money) by filling this out with your sales / turnover for each day of the relevant periods and forwarding this to us along with the above info.

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