How to get your ATO Statement of Account

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How to get your ATO Statement of Account

Have you ever been asked by a bank or mortgage broker for a copy of your ATO statement of account, ATO portal reports, or ATO tax accounts? We show you how to get these.


When going for a loan, your bank wants to know your income, your assets, and your liabilities (amongst other things). One potential liability you may have is an ATO debt, and the easist way for the bank to see this is to get a copy of your ATO statement of account.

The statement of account is pretty much a list of all transactions you have had with the ATO – such as your tax assessments and then the refund / payable that goes with it, or your quarterly BAS’s with the detail of when payment was made.

If you owe the ATO money, the bank will be able to not only see the total, but when it originated and what type of debt it is (income tax, GST, etc).


It’s pretty easy these days. All you need is access to your MyGov account (or online services for business if you are after printouts for a business). Watch the video below to see how.

If you don’t have access to either your MyGov account or your online services for business account, then have a look at our insights article on How to Setup MyGov, MyGovID, and ATO Online Services. It contains instructions and videos to guide you through the process.


You can, but it’s quicker if you do it yourself.

We get over a hundred emails per day from clients with queries, requests, and so on and it takes time to work through them all. It may not be for a few days before we can get around to grabbing these reports for you.

But teach a man to fish (as the saying goes)… and he can keep the bank happy in a more timely manner, ensuring the bank has ample time to work through your documents before your deadline.

We’re always happy to help, but why wait for us to get something for you, when you can get it yourself in under 5 minutes? It may only be a 5 minute thing, but if we have a hundred 5 minute things to do (on top of all our other work), you can see why it may take some time.

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