EOFY 2023 – SMSF’s

Aside from your home, your superannuation will likely be the largest asset you have – so using it wisely should be a high priority. It also provides great tax benefits that should be taken advantage of where possible. However, if you have a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), there comes certain requirements you need to […]

EOFY 2023 – Payroll

EOY PAYROLL REQUIREMENTS Employers have the obligation to perform certain actions at the end of a financial year to comply with the Law. The most obvious is the requirement to produce group certificates for employees (which is now known as a STP finalisation). It’s not just a matter of pushing the “finalise” button at the […]

EOFY 2023 – Trusts

Trusts are largely unchanged, but the ATO has indicated that they will be looking to ensure that the people actually receiving the money from a trust are the people paying tax on that money – discussed in more detail below. For more general commentary and tips, have a read of: Our EOY article on changes […]

EOFY 2023 – Companies

Companies have some specific rules that only apply to them – both commercially and from a tax point of view. This article focuses on changes and tips that apply only to companies. For more general commentary, have a look at: Our EOY article on changes and tips for businesses (regardless of what structure that business […]

EOFY 2023 – Businesses

Tax Laws (and associated Laws) are changing constantly, which makes it difficult for small business owners in particular to keep track of everything they need to know. Complying with the rules is hard enough, let alone being proactive to minimise your tax and maximise your wealth. We’ve created this article to cover some of these […]

EOFY 2023 – Individuals

Individuals always go through the most amount of changes when it comes to tax Law and associated rules. Many of these are subtle (such as minor changes to rates and thresholds), and some that are really important to know get lost in the “noise”. This article will highlight some of the important recent changes, but […]