We break down what support and stimulus is on offer

The Federal Government responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with wide ranging help and support for individuals and businesses. Over $300bn has been pledged by the Government to help keep us safe and keep the economy ticking over. We break all this down in an easy to understand format.


Understand the JobKeeper scheme, check your eligibility, and apply

The Government stimulus packages are headlined by the JobKeeper scheme. $1,500 per fortnight for every permanent employee (plus long-term casuals) that works in a business suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources will help you understand how it works and help you get it.


Set yourself up to survive, and then thrive

There are a number of things your business can do to minimise the impacts of COVID-19 on your business and help ensure that it survives this unknown period. Not only that, you should be thinking about more than survival, you should be setting yourself up to take advantage of the uplift that will come when the economy starts to kick back into top gear.