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In conjunction with market leading DocuSign, you can sign your tax return and other associated documents electronically. Please note: In December 2016 we added “Sign Here” tags to documents which changed the signing process slightly. The easiest way to tell the difference between a document with or without sign here tags is to look for a blue “Start” button on the left

Step 1: Email from MCA

When a document is made available to you in your client portal, you will receive an email from MCA Accountants Pty Ltd via Docusign titled “TO SIGN – Name…”. As with all email, occasionally good ones get caught by spam filters, so be sure to keep an eye on your spam or junk email folders.

Step 2: Open your “Electronic Envelope”

Inside the email is a link to access the electronic envelope, click on “Review Document” to proceed.

Step 3: Review your Document

Have a read of the document in full before you sign it. Your digital signature is legally binding (the same as signing a piece of paper), so don’t rush in and sign before you have checked the document.

Step 4a: Start your Signing Experience

Once you are happy with the contents of the document, simply push the Start button on the left of the screen to be taken to the signing tags.

Step 4b: Sign your Document

Date fields should be automatically filled with the current time and date, so all you are required to do is click the sign here tags and enter your signature details.

Step 4c: Optional Fields

Your document may have other optional fields – like bank details on a declaration. Unfortunately the system cannot direct you to these, so you would need to have identified these during your initial read of the document. As the name indicates however, these are optional and don’t impact the signing.

Step 4d: Finish and Submit

Once you’ve signed all of the required areas, you can click on the Finish button which will be at the top-right and the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Access a Copy of your Signed Document

Upon finalising, you may get asked to log in to DocuSign – THIS IS NOT NECESSARY TO SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT. If you have a DocuSign account and use it to store signed document, then this is for you, otherwise…

Copies of all signed documents can be accessed directly from inside your client portal in the “Signed Documents” folder.