Terms of Engagement

Our terms of engagement outline what you can expect from us, and in return what we expect from you. We will at all times act professionally and treat your data confidentially and with integrity.

We expect that you will read all of our communications and act on things that require action. In performing our work we will use professional judgment to make various assumptions, we do not in the ordinary course of business audit your records in order to achieve 100% accuracy as the cost of this is prohibitive.

When signing our declarations, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with these terms – we recommend that you take the time to familiarise yourself with them.

Invoicing and Debtors Policy

Our above terms touch on our terms around our invoices. Our staff do great work and deserve to be paid for that work – which is where you come in. Unless we are paid for our services, we can’t pay our staff. Unless a particular service is under a fixed fee arrangement, our fees are generally based on the time it takes to perform our duties, and our hourly rates are contained in our standard terms.

All income tax refunds are deposited into our trust account, and prior to forwarding your refund we deduct any outstanding fees that you and your associated entities have.

We are understanding when clients have difficulty paying our fees and all it takes is a phone call to discuss your situation. In the event that you are not willing to provide us with this courtesy, our terms are that we send your outstanding account to our external debt collectors and you are responsible for all added costs in recovering your fees. We also report outstanding accounts to credit agencies.

Client Portal Terms

One of the main purposes of our client portal is to provide us with a secure way of forwarding tax returns and other sensitive documents. Email is not a secure means of communication and we do not forward sensitive information over email.

Because your client portal contains sensitive information, we take steps to help ensure that you are the only person with initial access. This may require the use of an email address that is not used by other members of your family for example. One of the features of our portal is that you can allow other people access, by doing so you accept that these people have been authorised to view any and all documents in your portal – whether current or future.

To help ensure the documents in your portal are secure, you should treat your login details as you would other sites that hold sensitive information.

Bookkeeping Terms

Bookkeeping means different things to different people. To us, if you ask us to do bookkeeping, that means classifying all of your bank transactions to ensure your reports are accurate and your taxes can be calculated correctly.

We can do much more if you want. Invoicing, debtor collection, tracking outstanding bills, paying bills, and more, but by default we don’t do these because we don’t want to charge you for things you don’t want.

We strive to keep your fees as low as possible, which means efficiency. To keep your fees down, you need to provide information in accordance with our instructions, and you need to be upfront with us.

Payroll Terms

Businesses are required to submit their payroll details to the ATO each and every pay day. We can look after that for you.

Our services generally extend to processing your payroll and lodging it with the ATO. You are responsible for ensuring that your employees are being paid what they are entitled to, but we can help if you need it.

Generally we need timesheets from you. Awards require them, and it’s tough to do payroll without them.