To create a new SMSF with MCA Accountants, please fill out the below form.

Before you do though… Running a SMSF is not something to take light-heartedly, and we want to ensure that you are going into this decision with full knowledge of what is expected. If you have not already, please read the following information before proceeding:

To get an idea of the ongoing running costs of a SMSF, have a look at our SMSF regular processing solution, our SMSF price list, and our SMSF services brochure. If you have a company trustee, ASIC will charge annual fees (around $300 for a “normal” company and $50 for a “sole purpose superannuation trustee” company), and if you engage an accountant to manage the ASIC obligations there will be a fee involved with this also (see our company secretarial service brochure).

We require payment up front for all new entity setups. Once you have completed this form, we shall review your information and send you an invoice (along with details of any other information we require). Once we have received payment, we will process your order.

If the trustee of your SMSF will be a company… From November 2021 a new Director ID number is being introduced and all Directors of companies are required to obtain one. You can read more about this in our Insights Article (including the process to apply). Notably:

  • Prior to 5 April 2022, your Director ID can be obtained within 28 days of becoming a Director (you will need to forward it to us when you get it, if you don’t already have it);
  • From 5 April 2022, Directors need to have this prior to being appointed, and will be required to be provided to us on this form.

Need to order any additional entities? The below links will open up those order forms.

New Company


New Trust (Coming Soon)