Different types of automated emails we send

We group the automated emails we send into three distinct groups. Notifications, informational, and marketing. This is important because of of the SPAM Act. Under the SPAM act, you cannot send unsolicited emails containing offers, advertisments, and promotions, and you also need to provide people with an opportunity to unsubscribe.

Because of this, we have two different systems from which we send emails from. This gives us the ability to allow you to unsubscribe from our marketing emails, while still getting those important notifications and information from us.


Notification Emails

Critical notifications sent automatically from our document management system, such as those letting you know you have a document to sign, or maybe you have an ATO letter that you need to look at.

Like any business, our ability to keep costs down and control the quality of information coming from our office relies on automation, systems, and efficiencies. Due to this, we only send these notifications via our document management systems (i.e. we won’t create one set of processes for 99% of our clients that are happy with our system, and have a different set for the 1% that want tailored emails).

Informational Emails

Emails that keep you informed of relevant tax changes and other information that is relevant to our clients. Our business model is built around keeping our clients informed, so when you join MCA, you need to understand that you will receive these emails (we are only trying to help you).

While these are not spam as defined by Law, because they come from our MailChimp platform they have an unsubscribe option.

We do however suggest you don’t unsubscribe so we can keep you informed.

Marketing Emails

Emails where we promote our services to the public. These emails are controlled by the SPAM Act and we must (and do) provide you with the option of unsubscribing to these.

Unsubscribe Means None of These

We do allow clients to unsubscribe from our document management emails, but it means you will none of these emails.

No notifications that you have a tax return to sign. No notification that you have an ATO letter (which may be time sensitive). Nothing.

As such, we can’t recommend highly enough that you don’t unsubscribe to our document management system emails. If you do, you need to accept the risks of not being notified (such as not meeting deadlines because you chose to not receive a notification that you had a due date coming up).

Having said that, there is an unsubscribe option on the bottom of these emails if that’s the path you want to go down.


We find the best results are obtained when our clients have some knowledge of the tax environment they operate in, so we highly recommend reading these emails.

There are so many changes that impact you, and while you may not want to read 80% of them, it’s that 20% that you do want that is really important.

We can’t read minds, we don’t know what that 20% is for each individual, so we have to send everything to you. If it’s not relevant to you, we much prefer that you simply delete the email and move on.

If you really don’t want any emails, there is an unsubscribe option on the bottom of these emails. Please understand though that when the Government announces crucial support that directly impact you, you won’t be notified…

To Unsubscribe

On the bottom of every email that comes from MailChimp are your unsubscribe options.

We have multiple “lists” with mailchimp to try and segregate our database so we can target campaigns at people that may be interested, so you may need to unsubscribe from more than one list that we have.