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What We Are Looking For

The term is a “senior production manager” or “team leader”.

Basically we want someone who can ensure that all of the tax returns, financial statements, activity statements, etc are completed by the team in a timely manner and to the high standard that we set (not just the ones you do yourself).

This role is more than just checking and reviewing. You will get to help us train our accounting staff, help us design and implement procedures and systems, and get to work on preparing a variety of tax returns (and associated bits) with a range of clients yourself.

We use Xero for our client ledgers (but our clients use a variety of products), and Xero Practice Manager to run our firm. XPM can be learned, but we require someone with a good working knowledge of Xero ledger (also referred to as Xero Blue).


A typical day would include a combination of:

  • preparing tax returns and financial statements from scratch for (mainly) our A & B class clients;
  • preparing self managed super fund tax returns and financials;
  • assisting our team prepare the above;
  • reviewing the above that are prepared by our team;
  • assisting us in setting time frames for the preparation of tax returns and financials;
  • noting and suggesting workflow improvements to make our team more efficient and your job easier; and
  • ensuring clients understand what they need to do so you can do their taxes.

We anticipate that the role will be approximately 40% team orientated (training, leading, reviewing) and 60% working on your own jobs.

What We Expect

Ultimately you will be judged based on the amount of time you save our client mangers / partners. Currently our partners review all work, lead and train our team, as well as maintain our client relationships. We are looking to separate those roles in two and free up the time of our partners to focus on servicing our clients and growing the firm.

If you invest in training and building our team, our processes, and our firm to make it stronger and more efficient, it will ultimately make your job and ours easier.

Work-Life Balance

We’re not an inner city firm. We don’t expect (or want) you to work 10+ hour days – that doesn’t make anyone happy. Generally, 9 to 5 in our Carrum Downs office is all we want or need.

Our team is office based, so we expect our team leader to be office based also. While we won’t say working from home is not possible, we know from experience it is much harder to lead and train a team if you don’t have that personal contact.

That said, you won’t be shackled to your desk. If you have a kinder concert to go to – we want you there. If you need to change hours to work around something personal – we’ll work with you and help out whenever possible.

What This Job Is Not...

This role is largely non client facing. You will have contact with clients, but client interviews, planning sessions and the like are conducted by our client managers and partners.

But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. We deal with all sorts of businesses and all sorts of structures. Our clients use a range of software solutions, and our client managers will be looking to you to help recommend solutions for our clients, as well as play a part in implementing those.


Who We Are Looking For

Obviously, we need skills that match the role. Attention to detail, technical knowledge, ability to lead a team, and patience to train both staff and clients are all required traits.

This role is not suitable for graduates or individuals with less than 4 – 5 years experience.

We pride ourselves on being able to break down complex topics and explain those in laymans terms. You need to speak the same language our clients do.

This role is new for our firm, and we know that new things often come with teething problems. Candidates need to be flexible and understanding while coming on this journey with us. Ideally, you will be able to help us mould this role in what best works for our firm.

  • Xero & Xero Practice Manager Experience
  • High Competence with SMSF's
  • Great with Accounting Software
  • Process Driven
  • Attentive to Detail
  • Technically Minded
  • Willingness to Train
  • Patience to Work with Graduates and Staff with Less Knowledge
  • Problem Solver
  • Adaptive
  • Willing to Learn
  • CA / CPA Qualified
  • Wanting to Make This Role "Yours"

This Role Won't Suit Everyone...

We expect to have to turn down good people who would make a great addition to our team, but would be better suited for a role we don’t currently have available. Some people have personalities better suited to be a client manger, a general manager, or another role.

If you are looking for a client facing role, this one isn’t for you. We’re not saying career progression isn’t there, but before we can look at the future, we need our current needs filled. If you won’t be happy being office based and largely internal facing for a period of time, then we ask that you don’t apply.


Firm Structure

A copy of our firm structure plus position descriptions for this role and roles around you can be found in the below link.

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