Since around 2014 there has been an explosion of cloud accounting packages and associated add-ons. Prior to that Xero was the main player with small (and unsuccessful) attempts from a few other businesses, but now there are a multitude of options (and price points).

Xero is still a market leader - it's simplicity is second to none and its help files leave everything else for dead - however it is priced at a premium that you may be unwilling to pay.

QuickBooks Online is highly regarded and probably the best value for money option available. A little less user friendly than Xero, but has greater functionality at a lower price.

And then there are offerings from MYOB, Saasu, Reckon, and more.

We keep ourselves up to date with the latest offerings by the market and can help you make the choice that will best suit your business.

If you are looking to convert from a traditional desktop accounting package across to a cloud package - we guide you through that process to ease the stress involved.

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