Like all accountants, the basis for our fees is time. The more time it takes us to do a job, the more we charge. No two jobs are the same, so comparing one price with another is very difficult.

Most of the time spent by accountants during the year end process of compiling financial statements and tax returns is spent in reconciling figures. Too often bank accounts, debtors ledgers, payroll, and other items don't reconcile to the underlying records which takes time to find the differences and rectify. You can greatly reduce your fees by checking that the figures showing on your balance sheet in particular are accurate.

Advancements in technology have enabled some jobs to become very predictable - notably bookkeeping and day-to-day processing. Cloud accounting programs are very good at minimising manual data entry and the time required can be somewhat predicted based on the # of transactions. For this reason we have some fixed fee options available for bookkeeping and SMSF administration.

Other jobs that we can reliably estimate time on we can also fix the fee - such as company setups and various documentation.

Our price lists are detailed to the right.

Price Lists