When you're sitting with your accountant at year end doing your tax return, you (and your accountant) are always looking for ways to save a few dollars. Can I claim these expenses? What if I had more motor vehicle travel? At year end, these items may find you an extra couple of hundred dollars.

Proper tax planning from the beginning can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars - much more than you can save at year end - but for some reason people feel its an unnecessary cost.

We have created a tax planning brochure to explain it all in greater detail which is free to download here. In a simple example of a $400,000 rental property that earns $20,000 per year and is sold in 15 years time for $1,000,000 can result differences in tax payable of $165,000.

We anguish over saving a couple of hundred dollars a year, but there are massive tax savings being missed out on simply because people don't get the right advice from the start.

That's where MCA comes in. We are experts in finding the right setup to minimise your taxes.

To begin your journey to lower taxes, simply contact us.