Getting proper advise is a must if you are going to succeed at anything, why should your business or investments be any different? We get advice in all aspects of our life - doctors, car mechanics, travel agents - yet many people will not get advice because they fear the cost of seeing their accountant.

It's true, accountants cost money. We can't give our services away or else our business would fail (and who's going to take advice from a failed accounting firm??), but we focus on ensuring that our advice is cost effective and most importantly in your best interests.

Tax is one industry where many people are happy to take the free advice of neighbors, co-workers, parents, and run with it. Some of the reasons given when we ask why new clients chose to set their investments up in a company, or start their self managed super fund, or put their positively geared rental property in the name of the main income earner is mind-boggling.

Our tax planning brochure highlights the potential tax savings in getting advice (or tax costs if not). Our simple example of an ordinary rental property shows differences of $165,000 in tax over 15 years. That's $11,000 per year.

Would you invest a couple of hundred dollars today to earn $11,000 per year?? The equation sounds different when worded with "invest" and "earn" instead of looking at advice as a "cost" or "expense" - and that's how you need to look at it. Good advice is an investment.

To start your investment in advice, contact us.