In conjunction with market leading DocuSign, you can sign your tax return and other associated documents electronically.

Step 1: Email from MCA

When a document is made available to you in your client portal, you will receive an email from MCA Accountants Pty Ltd titled "TO SIGN - Name...". As with all email, occasionally good ones get caught by spam filters, so be sure to keep an eye on your spam or junk email folders.

Step 2: Open your "Electronic Envelope"

Inside the email is a link to access the electronic envelope, click on "Review Document" to proceed.

Step 3: Review your Document

Have a read of the document in full before you sign it. Your digital signature is legally binding (the same as signing a piece of paper), so don't rush in and sign before you have checked the document.

Step 4: Sign your Document

Where possible we will endeavour to create a signature page to cover all places within the document (i.e. by signing this signature page you are agreeing that we can treat your digital signature as applying to the entire document) and where possible we will have this at the start of the document. Below is an example of our digital signature cover page. Should your document not contain this page, please sign all pages within the document.

On the left are the different fields that you can affix to the document. In most cases you will only need to affix your signature and date to the document. Where there are places for you to add information (for example your bank account details), you can simply use the text box item.

Adding your signature is as easy as dragging the signature field to the location of the document where it requires a signature. The same drag-and-drop method applies to all fields.

When finished, simply click the "Finish" button in the bottom right of the screen.

Step 5: Access a Copy of your Signed Document

Upon signing you will receive a second email with a link to your fully signed document (if the document requires more than one person's signature you will receive this email only once all parties have signed.

In addition to the email, copies of all signed documents can be accessed directly from inside your client portal in the "Signed Documents" folder.