Utilising our payment gateway Integra Pay and our bookkeeping software Xero, you can make an online payment directly from your online invoice.


Step 1: Click on online invoice link in your email


Step 2: Click on the green "Pay Now Via..." button in the top left corner


This will send you to our secure payments page where you can pay by Credit Card, One-Off Direct Debit, Recurring Direct Debit, or BPay.


Step 3: Enter you payment method


Step 3a: Recurring Direct Debits

If your invoice is part of a subscription or other recurring invoice, you can choose to have all future payments relating to this invoice automatically deducted on the due date. All you need to do is check the "I would like payment for my future invoices to be automatically..." box.

Please note: Invoices for other work will not be automatically deducted, it will only apply to the current invoice and related subscription.