From within our secure payment facility you can do more than simply make a credit card payment, you can:

  • View your invoices;
  • View your payments (pending and processed)
  • View the installment plans we have offered you
  • Accept an installment plan
  • View all notifications sent from our system (reminders / statements)
  • Alter the payment source of current installment plans (i.e. change accounts half way through)

These can all be found from the "View" menu in the top-right corner of your payment portal.


Current Invoices

This menu will display all of your outstanding invoices as per the above screenshot. Please note that if you control more than one entity (for instance if you have a company and a trust) we cannot group them all - the payment portal will only display invoices for that particular entity.


Invoices / Payments

Here you will find details of all invoices and payments.



All emails generated and sent by our system will be displayed here. You can click on them to view them, and any invoices that were attached to statements are available to view here also.


Installment Payments

Here you will see a list of all installment plans you have entered into, both current and complete. If you click on a current one you will be able to alter the payment method (but not the terms) should you wish to change the account or card that payment comes from.

Instructional Videos

Below are two instructional videos from the supplier of our online payments portal (Apxium) that may also assist.

Client Dashboard
Instalment Payments